Suddenly can't open files on MacBook

I’m no longer able to open any image files stored on my MacBook - only those on my SD card. I always get the message “This folder does not contain any image.”

I’m on the latest version, no filters selected.


PhotoLab only shows images in a single folder level, not sub folders. Can you screenshot the folder hierarchy in PhotoLab for us to see?

No matter what folder I click on at any level, the only one that shows image files within is the SD card folder (currently ejected). This was not the case until recently, and I had no trouble finding image files in folders previously.

Looking at this screenshot, your Pictures folder doesn’t appear to contain any subfolders so, if you don’t have any images directly in the Pictures folder, this is to be expected as PhotoLab doesn’t flatten folder hierarchies.

I notice a couple of cloud icons on the Documents and Downloads folders - is your Pictures folder on a cloud server as well?

Could you share a screenshot of what Finder shows in that folder?

Have you given or indeed accidentally somehow revoked PL’s access to your disk/folders?

You can check in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Files and Folders

Then scroll down to DxO PhotoLab 5 and see what if anything has a check next to it.

Not sure if that would give the error/situation you are experiencing but may be worth a check.

For ease of use, I’ve added PhotoLab for full access

If you don’t want to do this, check the folder below the one shown in the screenshot.

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No need personally as only work with a external ssd so that’s all that DxO needs access to in my use case.
So far at least anyway!

Good tip though for those that use multiple locations.