Subfolders on Mac

Just new to (trial version of) PhotoLab and trying to get it to show the contents of my subfolders on an external drive. I’m moving from LR and have given up on ON1 (which crippled both my intel and M1 Macs with its crazily bad indexing engine). And now I’m reading on (old) forum posts that there’s no subfolder implementation in DXO PhotoLab. Can this really be true or am I missing a simple menu option? Many thanks

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Unfortunately, it is true.

It’s true that being in the main folder, you can’t see images in its subfolders, but obviously you can go to each subfolder to see their images.
I’m guessing that if you manage to put images in various subfolders, it is to be able to work on them by subfolder individually?
Otherwise, you can put all images from subfolder to a project to see them all together. This does not create anything else than virtual links.

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BTW, the same in Windows

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@peegeebee : On my Mac I have folders by date (YYYY-MM-DD) and subfolders by client. Subfolders were created when I imported the images, not through PL.

When I want to see all of the images together from a date’s subfolders, I drop all images for each subfolder into a temporary project. Once in the project I can work with all of them without going from subfolder to another. Kind of a hack but it works.

Disclaimer: I’m new to PL so there’s probably a better way - but it may help you achieve what you’re trying to do.

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Subfolders on Mac having nothing to do with Windows.


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