Stuck in Viveza's "negative" mode

When positioning a control point, I usually use the negative (inverted b&w) display to get the effect exactly where I want it. I do slide point or point’s sliders. I’m likin’ this!

But… sometimes, after releasing the key, the screen doesn’t go back the original “positive” state.

In the control point list, there’s a check box that invokes a control point in “negative b&w” and holds it there without using the key. Fine - I use it occasionally. No problem there.

The problem is that sometimes that box is checked without my doing it. At some point in sliding a control point, it latches to “negative b&w”; the check box is checked without my permission.

Is this a feature or bug?

just discovered your question @RBEmerson

No, it never happend to me, that the check box ‘checked itself’ .
(using Nik Filters since 15 years, now Nik Collection by DxO)

have fun, Wolfgang

This still happens periodically. Once it happens for one control point, it applies to all old and new control points. Either I’ve accidentally push a key combination to do this or, just maybe, I found a small bug. Oh well…