Streamline the NIK Collection

NIK sold individual plugins, now that DXO sell the bundle rationalisation of the plugins would be the sensible approach going forward. This would reduce support costs by reducing the number of apps / UI updates, rationalise the UI and benefit users by increasing the functionality of the remaining modules.

Sharpener Pro and Define 2 need to be incorporated into Colour Efex Pro. There is simply no functional need for a separate sharpening and noise reduction tools, with the need to call individual modules, in 2018.

Viveza and Silver Efex Pro need to be folded into Colour Efex Pro which becomes the main NIK plugin.

That leaves Analog Efex 2 and HDR Efex Pro. Analog was added by Google and at this stage could be left as a stand-alone app at this stage. With HDR Efex Pro this is a natural stand-alone as it basically deals with multi images.

This would streamline the NIK collection into:
Main App – NIK Efex+
NIK HDR Efex Pro
NIK Analog Pro

This would give cohesion to the NIK collection with NIK Efex+ becoming the main module incorporating all colour, black and white, noise reduction and sharpening functions with HDR Efex Pro and Analog Efex Pro serving as stylistic add on modules.

I fully agree, Ian - - this would also greatly simplify the decision about which of the Nik tools to use (or not).

John M

I agree the Nik Collection needs rationalising but for me I would prefer Silver Efex kept as a dedicated B+W app. I enjoy B+W and to work in an environment which has toning, zone system, film types etc devoted to B+W is far more appealing … without the distraction of the colour options that the other apps might bring.
Ian (another one!)

I think that DxO’s marketing department have its opinion on the matter :relaxed:



I think a unified NIK collection would be a much stronger product to market in 2018 than a set of plugins as well as reducing support costs.