Strange message when using NIK 6 perspective with photoshop 2023 2024

Get the following msg when staring the NIK 6 Perspective plug-in in both versions of photoshop listed above. Updated to latest versions of all software and am operating on M2 mac studio top specification.

Mag is
Um zu Photoshop zurückzukehren, klicken Sie im Fenster Nik 6 Perspective auf die Schaltfläche “Speichern” oder “Abbrechen”. Sie verwenden derzeit Nik 6 Perspective.

I installed NIK collection with US english as the language.

Msg comes up no matter what file type I am using TIF PSD PSB etc. All other NIK collection apps work OK. Standalone version of NIK perspective works OK. Perspective panel in Photolab 7 works OK.

Even though the msg appears in photoshop, the app appears to continue and work normally.

How do I stop this message from continually displaying? Note it did not appear on earlier versons of NIK 6 perspective.


Can confirm. I usually use Perspective from Lightroom so hadn’t noticed this before, but on my M1 Mac mini, the same thing happens (Photoshop 2024 and MacOS Sonoma). Tried to get a screenshot, but the message disappears and Perspective opens before I can. Couldn’t find any setting that might make it stop.

You might report it to DxO at


I get a German message as well, and then Perspecuve Effex freezes when trying to open. If I wait about 12 hours it eventually opens. I note the file size when downloaded is over 900 Mb. All the other modules are 36MB, Other modules work fine.
Have not figured out how to correct the problem.