Strange behavior when zooming from default to 100% with PL5

PL 5.13.0 Build 4880 when pixel peeping a DNG file for sharpness passing from 70% zoom to 75% and up to 120% the sharpness improves tremendously. I’m having problems understanding why this is happening. It happens on all DNG files and any lens I use??? I don’t remember this ever happening before. Any ideas?

Hi, Larry. This is normal behavior for PhotoLab. Some important corrections such as Lens Sharpness aren’t applied to the image preview unless you zoom in 75% or more. PRIME types of noise reduction aren’t applied to the preview at all - they only appear in the exported image and in the loupe preview in the noise reduction adjustment palette. I hope this helps. The user guide contains more information (see the Help menu.)


Thanks, Greg, I had completely forgotten that PhotoLab did that as I have not recently seen such a stark difference between the DNG normal display and the zoomed past 75% display.

I was mentally distracted by the Camera, lens and EXIF data display problems I and others have been having with Flickr the past few days. Thanks for refreshing my memory.