Strange behavior of compare button

Inside the Silver Efex Pro 3 (last version, from nik version 4.3.2) interface (hosted in PS) the “Compare” button displays:
image 1) the image of the current PS layer with the default Silver Efex filter already applied (neutral)
image 2) the image with the selected Silver Efex filter applied.
One would expect that in “image 1” there is the original image of the PS layer, without the default Silver Efex filter already applied.

Any suggestions?


Nik SilverEfexPro 3 has a history
– also to use for comparings.

standard setting
= to compare with SEP3 Neutral B&W version

custom setting
= to compare with the Original Image

That is, you can compare the last highlighted entry (the last one or before)

  • with SilverEfex’ Neutral B&W → screenshot 1
  • with your original file → screenshot 2
  • with other versions

thanks for your support.
very appreciated!