Strange behavior after batch renaming


I have very strange behavior in displaying thumbnails. I renamed an image “IMG_9524.CR2” to “20200812-062.CR2” (from PhotoLab by batch renaming). I then exported the image to JPEG. The name of the JPEG file is correct as well as that of the renamed original image (in Finder). But PhotoLab displays the old name in the Filmstrip. The detailed information correctly displays the new name. I have several images in this case but not all.

And another one. Here it’s the reseult of a research : all images of February, 8th 2020.

Images are displayed twice.

1 are the dopfiles v3 or v4? Is read and write active in preferences?
2 i think your database is corrupted somehow.
3 if i am right in the mac version of windows explorer are the files actually renamed. Yes?
And the exported jpegs also named by the renamed rawfile. Yes?

4 are you using internal info as making keywords in dxopl?
If so then you lose that when you renew database, if not the new fresh DB will be filled again when you open a folder or start indexing.

If you rename and dopfiles can’t be updated with the new name, it’s keeping the old original name also and write the new name inside the dop as new name.
If iam correct you can find the original rawfile name by using notepad to read.


I just updated PhotoLab 3 to PhotoLab 4. Before updating, I took care to delete everything that came from previous versions 4 (beta and trial version): preferences, base data, test directories …

The DOP files were all version 3 initially. During the first few uses, everything seemed to work fine. So some DOP files have been updated I guess (the ones I changed the processing for). It was after a day or two that it suddenly malfunctioned. The problem arose right after searching for a date. So I thought about that at the beginning: the first screenshot shows the result of this research. The second, however, shows the content of a project (created with version 3). The problem is therefore broader.

So I think the database was indeed damaged.

If deleted, the loss of the keywords would not be a problem: they are written by Lightroom in XMP files and I do not edit them with PhotoLab. On the other hand, the loss of projects would be more annoying …

Your last idea is interesting. Directories and files have read and write rights (I haven’t changed anything since using PhotoLab 3). But I’m wondering if there might not be a problem like this: the filename would have been kept but changed in the DOP file … I’ll look in that direction.

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Can you find the path of the pairs?



After looking in multiple ways, I haven’t found the problem: the name of the images in the DOP files looks correct (I have checked quite a few).

I ended up deleting the database to restart from scratch. Projects lost, but the rest is working.


FWIW: The filename in the sidecar/.dop file is not actually used by PL (in any way that matters).

Eg. You can manually change the name of both an image and its sidecar (provided you assign the same new name to both - - and not whilst PL is running) - and PL will happily apply the corrections listed in the sidecar to its associated image - and it will update the filename held in the sidecar.

John M


Finally I have found some DOP files in which the name is incorrect: the old name remained when renaming the image. For those images, PhotoLab displays the old name. If I change manually the name in the sidecar, the new name appears but I have to reimport the sidecar.


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Was this the cause of your initial problem?

Interesting: @joanna recently reported a similar observation, here.

This must be a Mac-only behaviour/problem … It doesn’t work that way on Windows (See above).

John M

@John-M: interesting…

It might be the cause of my initial problem. For my second example, it is. For my first example, maybe… I don’t know how the research is done, but the wrong names may have confused her.

Since using PhotoLab (version 1), I have always used Lightroom to manage images and therefore rename them. I have never had this problem before. But I can’t say for sure if these images were renamed with Lightroom as I also tested PhotoLab 4’s batch rename feature.