Store location

I am using Photolab 2.
when i use HDR Efex from Photolab, it works fine.
Tiff is exported and opend in HDR Efex, but when i store ist, it is always
stored in the windows documents folder, not in its original folder…

Any Ideas?

Yes !

Instead of using the “SAVE” button on the bottom right, go to the File menu at top left, and choose Save Image as … this allows you to select where you want the image to be saved - and it will “remember” this location for next time.

Regards, John M

Thank you for the Input, works fine.
I dont like that i am loosing the original name with the addon *dxo_hdr
and i have always to choose from where the originals where.
Is there no option to say, save it always in its origin position?

Kind Regards


When reviewing the HDR Efex Pro when activated from PL 2, I noted the following:
A few thoughts about this:

  1. by default, all of the files should be in the folder with the originals. It might be useful for the user to be able to select a working folder for all of the files.
  2. possibly disable the File menu during the initial stage of the processing (or make this the point to allow the user to change the working folder; however by this time the .tif files have been creating in the folder with the originals).

I agree completely. In any event, file handling in HDR Efex Pro should be consistent with the way it is done in other Nik modules!