Stop making the preview zoom level a global property


The zoom level of a preview is a property of that image, not a global setting. When I switch to another image, it should be displayed with the last zoom level I used for it, not with the zoom level of the last image I worked on. This should work like the crop settings : they are not carried over to the next image I’m going to work on.

I understand that looking at a series of similar images at the same zoom level might be necessary. So, it should be possible to synchronize the zoom level for all selected images [EDIT] or to make this behavior an option.

All the apps I use understand the zoom level as a viewer property and not as an image property. Implementing your proposal would be a huge paradigm shift.

Adding such a feature can be handy though, but if it were introduced, I’d be hard pressed to use PhotoLab, unless there was an option to use zoom level either globally or as an image property. Needless to say that the new feature would probably also need persistent zoom settings between sessions.

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as opinion differs it is always wise to ask for an option to suit your needs, not demand a total switch to the way you prefer to have it

This is exactly what I have suggested in the OP :slight_smile:.

I agree if this feature is implemented, it should have to be an option, not the only way to run.
Keeping the same zoom level when switching is a needed feature.

I’d definitely want the option to keep the current behaviour. When flipping through images to select them, I sometimes want to zoom to 100% to ensure I’m seeing the true quality. It’d be a real chore to even just press the keyboard shortcut for 100% every time.

I can see this being 50/50 thing. Half of users would prefer one way, half the other.