Stop hijacking Ctrl-F

Hi Forum admins,

Ctrl-F is the key assigned to open “search in page” of my browser (Firefox).

I do not want this forum to open it’s own search function when I press Ctrl-F.

It doesn’t seem to do it with Google Chrome.




I can’t reproduce your problem neither with FireFox (version 63), nor with Chrome or Edge.



that’s interesting - it doesn’t happen everywhere.

Wow- Have i missed something? has the issue

The hijacking occurs for me as well in that thread but not in this one.
I’m on Mac and Safari

First time I press cmd-f the forums search is opened. But for the following times I press cmd-f the Safari native search appears.

great, works also for Firefox/Windows, thanks for the information!

I prefer the Firefox search. But if the forum operators like their function, I don’t want to argue with them.


After a short investigation, I reproduced the behavior you saw and I can explain it.

When a topic is displayed in you browser, only some messages are loaded and the remaining ones are pulled on-the-fly, while you scroll down. It means that if you search for a specific word using you the basic search feature of your browser, you may not find it because this text is part of a message that is still not loaded.
The forum software (Discourse) is smart enough to detect that not all messages of a topic are loaded and hooks Ctrl+F (or CMD+F) shortcuts to use its own search feature so that your text is searched over all messages of the topic and not only the ones that are currently loaded.



Thanks for the information.

I know that this is state of the art and “modern”, but I hate it.