Sticky behaviour with Surface Pen

I would like to make my local adjustments using my Surface pen. I love to use a stylus for this kind of work (masks etc) but the “sticky behaviour” of the pen in PhotoLab is so annoying it always drives me crazy and I have to switch to the mouse. I am not sure I can explain myself but whenever I try to adjust a slider with the tip of the pen the “inertia” or “stickiness” of the control is so high that making as fine an adjustment as you would like to becomes impossible. Do people use Wacom tablets or similar with PhotoLab? do they experience the same problem?

I do have a Lenovo X1 with 4k touch screen and a Lenovo stylus. Did not use it yet, but if you tell me what to do I can give it a try to see if it works better or worse on my machine.

Basically try adjusting a slider, any slider with you pen:


Do you think there is too much resistance to make the initial change? How easy is it for you to set the desired value (of course without entering it with the keyboard)?

It works fine for me. Either tap rigth or left or dragging it. It also works with the local adjustment.
I did tweak my system with by udervolting it fro 0 to -0.095 mV and changed the Turbo boost powermax from 45 to 50W. Maybe this migth help, but be carefull and try small step doing this. If the system gets unstable it will reboot and set it back to the original values and you can try again.

I’ve read about undervolting but never tried it. I doubt it changes the behaviour of the controls but I might give it a try anyway.

I use a Huion tablet. I can’t use properly the stylo in PL, can’t drag the sliders, so it is very approximate or really slow if i tap the arrows o the right. too bad.

Also the scrolling of the tools is frustrating…

I only did select 1 image. If I select for example 1000 images, the whole folder, it will get less responsive and in the Windows Task Manager it will somtimes say Not Responding, but that one was with the mouse. But with one image selected all is quit responsive.

Hello guys,

Thank you for the report. @htran could you, please, check the behavior?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

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