Status of feedback.dxo vs forums.dxo?

Are end users (like me) supposed to interact on ‘forums’ or ‘feedback’? Is ‘forums’ going away? If so, will threads from there be migrated here?

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Hello @bobkoure,

You can post your questions/reports here. The threads from the old forum are not going to be migrated here. I still follow some parts of the old one but with the time it will be completely disconnected and everybody will use this new one.

Svetlana G.

So, no archiving ? No way to retrieve useful information from old discussions ? A forum is also a knowledge base. It’s a pity to destroy all this information.

By the way,
The old forum users are not specifically invited to use this one.

It would cause less maintenance to place a sticky hint in the old forum and make it readonly. After a year or so, the old forum could be taken down completely. The old domain could forward to this then. This is, how I would do it.

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