Standardize across all apps

I’d like to all the applications function in the same way. Zoom, preview, screen size, clipping warnings, compare etc.

Consistent user interfaces throughout the modules.
Standard Open / Close / Save / Save As menus in every module.
Some way to move images between modules in a smooth workflow, creating an HDR image and then taking it to Silver Efex, for instance.

One solution to all of this, perhaps the individual programs could be bundled in some sort of DxO wrapper to tie the modules together?

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Add the compare button on all plugins.
For example, on Analog Software we can find the compare button that allows to display the original, but on Viveza this button is not there.

It’s very simple but really useful

A simple work-around, if using PS as a host, is to turn the layer on/off.

I know this manipulation. But if I want to stay in the plugin with which I work it is not possible to make a comparison without this button which is very fast. This feature is present in Analog Efex Pro 2 for example, it would not be difficult to add this to the rest of the Nik Software suit