Standard preset has a slight greenish color cast

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I’m shooting RAW with a Pentax KP and just installed the trial of PL5 and compare how it develops my RAWs out-of-the-box with other applications. In this test, I don’t do any manual editing but simply have the DXO Standard preset applied.
Generally, I’m absolutely impressed by its performance and the generated JPGs. However, I noticed that they tend to come out a little greener than I wished for :neutral_face:. Interestingly this is particularly true for indoor shots.

Is the Standard preset adjusting the white balance? Or is there a way to tweak the preset to just apply a tad more red/magenta to the images?


Apply the necessary changes (see green frame above) and save the new settings as a new preset (magenta frame)…

Once done, you can apply the new preset to all greenies…

Thanks :). Will this still apply the Standard preset per photo independently and then only the WB correction? Plus, can the change in WB tint be stored as relativ amount in the preset? Because not all images will have the same absolute WB settings.

I think you should check with tech support about this, as it could be a bug. Provide a sample RAW file and .dop sidecar file via so that someone can test for the problem.

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PhotoLab is a fairly comprehensive software that allows all kinds of adjustments. Presets provide a starting point and all the rest needs to be done manually.

PhotoLab has no automatic White Balance, which means that you’ll have to DIY… Alternatively, you might find a profile that works better for your photos. Find the profiles in the colour rendering tool, located in the righthand sidebar in customize view.

  • A very good idea! As it can be really a bug in color rendering and it should be analyzed.

Svetlana G.

Hi all,

thanks for all the suggestions. I’ll happily take the offer and provide some sample RAWs to the tech support. However, I would assume that this is more a matter of personal taste than a bug. But who knows.

So from @platypus’ answer I assume that the Dxo Standard preset will not change the white balancing in any way. But will there be any other adjustments to color?

And can I create a preset that does:

  • Apply the Dxo Standard stuff
  • Adjust some color control (I guess the WB tint) in a relative manner (say +X steps or +5% or so) Because for different scenes, the WB tint will be very different absolute values.

Or are the presets always stored such that they set absolute / fixed values?


Presets store absolute settings…but a few tools work adaptively, like e.g. “DxO Smart Lighting”.