Square root of two aspect ratio

Could you add the ISO aspect ratio (square root of two, i.e. 1.4142…) used for e.g. A4 paper to the set of cropping tool aspect ratios? Would come in very handy when preparing images for printing :slight_smile:

— EDIT —

Turns out there’s an option to add your own aspect ratio. But it’s cleverly hidden :wink:

…you can enter a 210x297 ratio and get exactly the aspect ratio of an A4 sheet…


… you can enter .7 (zero optional) and transale from vertical to horizontal :wink:


@rwerp You could have searched for A4 and found this answer immediately. If there’s a feature request it would be nice to consolidate votes and be done with this repetitive question. I don’t need this but probably DxO should add this preset as it’s a relatively frequent request and adding presets for paper size/aspect ratios is quick work.

Umm, what answer? Searching for “A4” returns

If you agree with me, upvote my request. If not, ignore it or say why you think it’s not a good idea.

@platypus Where can I enter it? All I can do now is to select “Unconstrained” and drag my mouse very carefully to get the exact ratio I need. Is there a file I can edit to add another aspect ratio? That’d be awesome.

platypus or another one can reply :wink:



Bless you, Kind Sir!! :slight_smile:

We have been asking for the “A” ratio for years! Bet known to there selves DXO have always refused to-do anything about adding it even though its the standard Europen size.


This is an easy fix and should have been done years ago. And I don’t even need the feature (for now).

Please don‘t forget to include aspect ratios that exist outside of Europe :wink:

When there’s enough users outside of Europe to complain about missing aspect ratios for printing, sure. €248 RAW processing software is pretty much a European and North American taste. Some parts of the world have the money but couldn’t be bothered, other parts of the world just don’t have the money. The less clutter in the interface the better.

It would be an advantage if there were a way of users creating ratios into the crop and printing sizes.


Typing in the aspect ratio is not a long-term solution - it disappears the next time I launch DxO.

Wow, these tough challenges you find rwerp. First you need to know at all times the exact pixel counts of your crop instead of paying attention to how it looks. Now typing in 0.7 once per session is a major burden to you. You’re a very fussy guy. I’m not sure you’ll find software to suit you. The animus of PhotoLab is simplicity and elegance. I sincerely hope your complains fall on deaf ears. This one is okay (adding a single format) but if PhotoLab exposes half a dozen more statistics or features in the front end of the interface, it will completely lose its character of elegant simplicity and become just another cluttered, irritating, geeky RAW editor. There’s already three or four on the market (Lightroom, C1, On1, RawTherapee all come to mind right away, I’m sure there’s others).

That’s not a bad idea John: to allow users to create two or three additional aspect ratios and save them. Unlimited slots could get messy. Three would be very useful. Still think this A4 aspect ratio should be added as one of the defaults as there are a lot of requests for this particular aspect ratio and it is common in Europe.

Adding only two or three aspect ratios is very limitating. What if someone likes messy long lists ? Isn’t it up to each person to decide what is best for her/him ?
I do like when a software propose many possibilities. It is up to the user to keep it the way she/he likes, simple or messy.


RawTherapee is there and waiting for you. Free, great results, Infinite customisation, impossible workflow. Bienvenue à l’anarchie!

Non, merci.

Set crop to manual and enter the values in the ratio field…

Check values here for other DIN sizes.


What you do not get is that what is good for you is not always good for the others.


Over-featured software with far too many visible options and endless customisation options is good for no one except programmers and Linux geeks. As I mentioned that kind of software is available, free for the taking and mostly unusable: RawTherapee.