Is anyone using the Spydercheckr24 in PhotoLab? The software that comes with the checkr24 has preset outputs for Lightroom, ACR and Phocus.

In the past, I used Kodak color strips manually to get my color balance looking good. I suppose I could do the same here by eyeballing the color chart I add to a sample image but if this can be automated, it would be nicer.

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I do not own a color checker (yet). For me it would be interesting to know if a software like Lumariver DP http://www.lumariver.com/#DownloadLumariverPD is able to generate DCP profiles which are usable in PL.

I could imagine the workflow may be cumbersome if several different lighting situations have to be corrected.

You can use .dcp and .icc profiles in PhotoLab but cannot create them with it.

Hm. I have one of these…


How do I use it with PhotoLab? It looks like I can set middle grey only.

In that vdeo, using Photoshop, they set black, middle grey, and white…

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