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Lightroom supports custom profiles from shots of color chart target. Does DxO Photolab?

Yes. Just select the appropriate DCP or ICC profile from the colour rendering tool

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Rephrased precisely: To provide a basis for accurate color reproduction, does the latest version of DxO Photolab enable the Datacolor process for calibration of camera & lighting & RAW processing, based on capturing of the SpyderChecker 48-patch target used to generate a custom preset for RAW processing, in the same way as that process is integrated into Lightroom?

Datacolor’s website does not indicate that this is the case. Note that I am currently using Photolab 3 which does not support that SpyderChecker calibration process, and according to DxO’s published system requirements for Photolab 6 my current system doesn’t support the new version, however I may be willing to acquire a new computer and then upgrade the software if this particular feature is supported.

In a word, yes.

Take an image of the colour target and use the software of your choosing to create either a DCP or ICC profile, the select that profile with the Colour Rendering tool.

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Yes. As Joanna has pointed out, to my knowledge DXO PhotoLab itself does not offer the ability to generate DCP or ICC profiles that is calibrated based on Color Chart. But there are programs out there that are specializing in this. You can use some of these third-party programs to generate a profile DCP or ICC and then apply in DXO PhotoLab. With the exception I think that new DXO wide gamut color rendering profile only supports the newer format DCP.

Adobe used to have DNG Profile Editor, but if I’m not mistaken it has not been maintained by developers in a while so I’m not sure if it’s still working with newer cameras. I remember trying it a while back and much of what I wanted to do was not supported.

Two other ones I’ve tried are…

basICColor input 6 Pro


Lumariver Profile Designer


…but to be honest I was not too happy with the results and whole custom workflow.

I would simply suggest you use whatever profile you like with DXO and then simply use white balance eyedropper tools to get proper white balance for the scene from the neutral background, such as color checkers. That is the most flexible and best way I know. Works for every scene. Works well, no hassle.

For more info on DXO support of DCO and ICC profiles, you can look into the manual. Or this link for general information.

How to create DCP color profiles


Lightroom does not utilize

Submitted by Brandon (not verified) on 10 April, 2021 - 13:44

Lightroom does not utilize ICC profiles for camera color calibration. It only accepts DCP.

ICC and DCP profiles are similar, but DCPs can be more sophisticated. I’m going to quote from the dcamprof documentation (open source command line utility for making color profiles)

“The forward matrix which operates in D50 XYZ space using D50 as the reference illuminant is not unique to DNG profiles, it’s used for ICC profiles too.”

“The color matrix is… DNG-specific, it’s used for estimating the temperature and tint of the scene illuminant based on a white balance setting.”

Both ICC profiles and DCP profiles can contain LUTs. These are color look up tables.

DCP profiles can contain two types: HueSatMap tables and LookTables. HSM tables basically do additional color correction. LookTables apply a second set of adjustments on top of that. Sometimes there is only an HSM or LookTable. Sometimes there is also only a color matrix in DCPs. They can be designed in a nubmer of ways.

If you want to experiment with making your own color profiles, download dcamprof, rawtherapee, buy a color checker, and follow these instructions https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/How_to_create_DCP_color_profiles

Source: ICC and DCP profile | LibRaw

Datacolor SpyderX Capture Pro - Color Control for Photographers

If you have lightroom you can make a profile using Lr and import into DXO or you can use other solutions I mentioned.

Which software of your choosing I only want to use DXO how do you create a DCP or ICC profile in DXO? If the answer is you can’t in DXO can we make the spyder checker software compatible with DXO? I have DXO photolab 6 Elite