Spring-Clean : how to clean all DXP-PL files

I am on mac, I wanted to get read of files I don’t need anymore and want to be sure I don’t do any mistake.
I have noticed that my hard drive is full of PL 1 , PL 2, PL 3 and PL 4 files (especially the database).
I am using the option to write the settings into the XMP files. I don’t use the catalogue part at all (no keyword or similar things). I use PL only to develop my image.

So I guess I can delete all the “old” folders without issue?
And if one day I need to edit again a raw file, then I can just import it and open it with PL X(new version in the future) using the XMP files.
Is that correct ?

If yes, is there any “clean way” to get rid of all those unused files?

I see one folder in Library>Dxo Photolab X
and another one in Library>Application Support> DXO Photolab X

Are there other folders that can be deleted?


macOS “about this Mac” offers the possibility to manage what is on your drive like this:

A less manual way can be taken with apps like AppCleaner from the App Store. Like most uninstallers, it does not find every single item that relates to an app. You can find these items by combing through your disk with Spotlight - or use the terminal and its “find” command (open the Terminal, type man find and then enter “sudo find …” according to what you need.

I’ve searched through my Mac for leftovers a while ago and have posted a list somewhere in the forum. I cannot find it right now though. I’ve also just tried the app Find Any File (FAF) and it works, albeit in a way that needs some getting used to. A free alternative is e.g. EasyFind, others might exist too.

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