'Special' upgrade price

Just received an email alerting me to a special upgrade price to FilmPack 6, but when I click on the link it’s just the same price as for new purchasers - i.e. not an upgrade price OR a ‘special’ upgrade price.
Is the email wrong - i.e. there’s no special upgrade price for existing users - or is the link wrong?

What price do you see if you log in to your DxO shop account (Customer Login) and then select ‘My software’?

The price I see there for FP6 (I’m on FP5) is a little over half the price for new customers, i.e. a sizeable discount.

OK, If I go to my upgrade page its £69 compared to the full £129.

(1) I was expecting a lower price because of the starred special upgrade price in the email.
(2) Also, in the FAQ under ‘can I purchase DxO FilmPack at a preferential rate’ the reply is
“We have decided to offer DxO FilmPack to everyone for the same price, therefore no preferential rate is available for current DxO customers.” SO I didn’t check the full price as I took this FAQ entry to mean that no discount was offered.


The English versions of DxO’s communications are often a little convoluted, probably because they are not being written or edited by a native English speaker.