Sony/Zeiss 35 mm f/2.8

I started developing photos with the Sony A7 R III recently and I discovered the Sony Zeiss 35 mm f/2.8 i snot supported yet. I was sure it was supported with the A7 R II, is there a glitch with this profile?

Hello @palmerop,

Have you checked your combination here - ?

Looks like your lens is not in the list (the same for Sony A7R II by the way) which means the lens is not supported.

Svetlana G.

It’s scheduled to be available by April 2018. This is indeed a shame as the A7 R III is available since November 2017!

A correction on my previous statement, the combination A7rIII with the Sony/Zeiss 35 mm f/2.8 as well as with the 55 mm are now available. Thanks very much to the DOP team.