Sony Picture Profile and DXO PL2

I have 3 pictures (same subject) with 3 different pictures profile with my Sony Alpha 7 III (Slog etc- on raw file).
The problem is DXO doesn’t make any difference on them (the Sony soft ware do it! - less color, less sharpness).
Does any one had this issue ?
Is there an option I did not see???

thanks for your help.


Hi GG,

Picture Profiles do not impact the RAW file (from Sony cameras), with one exception; any change to Gamma settings (via PPs) will impact the RAW file … as explained by example here.

Also embedded in a RAW file is a JPG thumbnail (which is what the camera uses when the images is reviewed). If you are seeing the impact of PP settings in other software (other than those influenced by Gamma settings) then that’s probably because that software is reflecting the JPG thumbnail - rather than truly interpreting the RAW file (as PL does).

Regards, John M

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Hi John,

thanks a lot for your feedback.
I changed the PPs and did not see any changes with DXO PL2 on the pictures (in RAW file).
That’s why I am surprise.
Perhaps, I missed an option in PL2?!?