Sony AR7-V support

When will we see support for RAW files from the AR7-V? I have zero reason to upgrade or use DXO if it cannot open these files. Same issue for the HEIF files the camera can produce.

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Hello EdwardL

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are you talking about Sony A7R V instead of Sony AR7-V ?
Support for Sony A7R V is planned for January.This informaiton is already available here:

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Why does it take so long for DXO to support a new camera? The AR7V has the same sensor as the AR&IV. It would seem like there is not a lot of work to add support for the AR&V? – Which has been available for weeks now.

DxO need the actual camera to do their measurements on, that is why their support can take longer than other companies. It can take a while for the camera manufacturer to provide the camera to DxO.

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The A7rV sensor is actually not exactly the same as the A7rIV – by the measurements, it has e. g. slightly higher dynamic range – not a big deal, but there are subtle changes there. I’m annoyed it takes so long as well, but here I’d side with the DxO guys that it is better to calibrate it on the new camera to ensure the results are correct.

The fact that there is a variability they can’t control does not mean they should give up on getting better results by calibrating for variability they can control.
The only argument would be if the variation between the cameras was unnoticable. I don’t know that. I just saw the measurements are different.

Is there any update on when we will have DXO support for the A7R v?

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January is almost over, hope to see this soon!

The Sony A7R-V is already supported. Perhaps you are shooting in M or S raw which are not supported.


Ah, looks like I missed an update. You’re correct, A7R V works now. Looking forward to M and S support too (didn’t realize it was missing though).


mRAW and sRAW limit the ability of programs such as DxO PureRAW/DxO PhotoLab to provide you with a complete suite of processing options, therefore, please only use the full RAW format generated by your camera whenever you want to use your image files inDxO PhotoLab/ DxO PureRAW.

See also our FAQs