Sony AR7 V compressed raw in DX mode

When I shoot with compressed lossless in DX mode, I can process the images, but not when shot in FF mode. Anyone else notice this?

Read DxO’s comments on

Thanks, I thought this was the case, but I can edit the the M lossless images (.ARW(M)) shot in DX mode. Thus my question.

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I see no reason why a photo taken in FF mode should not be processed by PhotoLab when it is in APS-C mode. (well, I think it is indeed APS-C since “DX” is a name specific to Nikon!)
But in the jungle of format/size/compressed/uncompressed combinations, there can be incompatibilities.
The simplest would be for you to provide a raw file concerned so that we can test.

Sorry, I am not making myself clear. The FF file is an unsupported M Raw from Sony (! appears). I expected this file not to be processed by PL6. Not a big deal as I use another program for this, but I was surprised M RAWs taken in DX mode (~32 MB file) are editable in PL6.

OK, I understand. Indeed, Sony mRAW and sRAW raw files are not supported by Dxo.
But in the specific case of the APS-C format, perhaps this corresponds to a normal raw file, whose size in pixels alone would explain the mention of raw “M”.