Sony A9 + Sigma 105/1.4

I use DxO Photolab Elite 5 (latest version). My workflow is denoising with DeepPrime (optical corrections only) → export to Lightroom as DNG, do all my edits in LR.

I own the Sony A9 and rented the Sigma 105/1.4 for low light photography.

DxO detects the lens as Sigma 105/1.4 Canon EF mount (this is also listed for the A9 on DxO website), and although it denoises just fine, it seems to do something weird to the colours, greatly reducing DR.

Does DxO support the Sony A9 + Sigma 105/1.4 combo?


You can check it here :+1:

Thanks. I did, and it lists the A9 with the Sigma 105/1.4, but gives the mount as “Canon EF” instead of Sony for some reason; that’s what confuses me.

I made the experience that Sigma lenses often show as 3 different one although only a single copy was ever used. So I guess DxO also struggles with a low or sloppy naming discipline either by Sigma or by the camera manufacturer.

Different firmware upgrades of body and lens may also play a role. I don’t have a solution for your case, I just keep on repeating that DxO should, as Capture One and Lightroom are doing for quite a while, allow the user to select the profile, be it DxO’s or lens manufacturer’s. This stubborn sticking to “only our profile can be used - or none!” puts me away from DxO. And when a lens is couple to camera sensor… well, Canon and Sony sensors are different beasts.

For your 105/1.4 on Sony E mount is already version 02 out. Since you rented it, your copy of the lens might still have the old version - or the new one, unknown to DxO, or vice versa.

Excellent, thank you. I very much agree, we should be free to choose the profile.

I’ll have a look at the lens version next time I rent this lens (loved its rendering in daylight).

Yes, I had it two years ago and compared it against the then new Nikkor 105/1.4 G. I preferred the Sigma in terms of rendering. But both lenses had a minimum focus distance of rather unspectatcular 100 cm - that and it’s weight kept me from buying one. It’s not completely of the list, though :blush:

I did like the 105, great rendering in good light. However I will probably buy one of the 135mm 1.8 options in the end. So much lighter, the Samyang in particular, and I think I prefer 135mm over 105mm.