Sony A7RIV-A RAW Support

Can we get an idea of when A7RIV-A RAW images will be supported in PureRAW? It’s very easy to change the EXIF data on a photo to make PureRAW work, you need only change the camera from A7RIV-A to on A7RIV and it works perfectly. This suggests to me it must be easy to change in the software as well. For many of my stills I am not permitted to edit EXIF data directly, and so I am in many instances unable to use your software.

Can you advise when this feature might be added?

Support has already been added in PureRAW 2.0, according to this:

DxO Supported Cameras & Lenses

(Also in PhotoLab 4 and 5.)

Hi Greg, I can now see this update. I have only version 1 of PureRaw, and since I’ve not been able to use it with my camera model, I have used it literally once to check if I could use EXIF data modifiers to import my photos. I assumed buying the software outright would entitle me to free updates, that’s why I went with DxO and not a subscription software. Can I get a refund on the version 1 of the software, that I have not used because my camera was not supported?

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