Sony a7r iii a RAW file support

Hi, I just purchased Sony a7r iii a, went to process new pics only to find out PhotoLab 4 does not support the camera yet. Kind of surprised, after all it’s a minor revision to a year plus old camera.

When are you planning to include support for the a7r iii a? Thanks

Probably never. DxO hardly ever takes on new cameras. Photolab will surely be discontinued soon, as half the camera market and especially the mobile market is completely neglected.

Your troll like response is not only inappropriate, it’s also incorrect.


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It is supported:

The camera in question is a7r iii a, a revision to a7r iii. It’s not on the list.

When was this camera version released? It may take a few months between the release of a new camera, DXO’s acquisition of one for testing and the creation of a new profile, and release of the support update to Photolab which is only done periodically. Waiting can be a bit frustrating, I realize, but that is the process. The A version may not seem like much of a change, but they still have to go through the process.


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I wonder whether the OP means the Sony a7R IVa? This is a recent revision with some small improvements to the evf and/or monitor IIRC. The RIVa is not yet on the list of bodies for which I can D/L profiles.

Taking a quick look at his profile, it seems you’re assessment is fairly accurate :wink:

Hi Joanna,

I looked at all of @olfreddy’s posts before writing that. I really try hard not to accuse anyone of bad behavior, but his or her post ticked me off. I didn’t even actually call this person a troll. I said the response was troll like, which I stand by. I expected a nasty response but got none.


Looks like April this year.

It’s not supported yet.

If you change the camera model in your raw files to ILCE-7RM3 they will probably process just fine.

Use Exif tool or something similar.