Sony A7CR not supported?

Hey all, I just signed on board with PL7 Elite. On MacOS 13.6

I double checked that SONY A7CR was listed as compatible on the site, but I’m getting “This image can not be processed since it was taken with a camera that is not supported by this version of DxO PhotoLab.”

If true, this is super frustrating, considering that the specs state this is a supported body/platform. Any tips? I have no available updates, and both OS and PL are updated.

More info about your RAW file is needed. I suggest opening a ticket at and providing a RAW file for them to look at using

The A7CR will be taken care of in November, it is indicated here.

Hello there.

When I looked the the list of supported bodies the A7C R comes up as “to be supported” 2023-11.
So it’s not yet there but give them a couple of days or weeks. :slight_smile:

Just got the update.
This one should support A7CR as noted in the version notes.

I’m still getting the error message that it is not supported camera. I’m also showing 7.0.1 build 33, so I’m current on the software. Any tips/tricks to get it to work?

I’m not sure if you wrote wrong version number but you need PL 7.1 for A7R C support.
PL 7.0.1 do not support your camera.

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@chanlsrfer hello, with update version should be 7.1.0 so you have to retry to update your version. Have a nice day!