Sony a6700 raw settings for dxo 2and 3 pure raw

I can"t use DXO for my files I have only compressed or loosles

Hello Heiren
If you can use the (free) exiftool on your computer (I know it works on Windows and Mac, not sure about linux machines) then you can tell pure raw that the files come from an ILME-FX30. That is what I am doing until DxO come up with an update for the a6700. Will this give you a perfect solution? Almost certainly not. But it will get you over the (I hope) short hump.

If you copy all your ARW files into an empty directory (so you don’t damage the originals) and put the exiftool executable in that directory (to avoid messing about with your $PATH) then the following does the trick:

exiftool -Model=ILME-FX30 -SonyModelID=ILME-FX30 *.ARW

The original shots will be saved as DSC00xxx.ARW_original, but who wants to write a rename back script?


Mike Murphy

Hello Mike !
Thank you for your kind help, I`d rather wait a while longer.
Yours sincerely ! Heiren