Sometimes Photolab fails to do a preset

Sometimes on my MacBook pro 14inch M1 when I’m batch converting Sony raw files to DNG’s (maybe 300) using a preset with a tone curve, wide gamut, deep prime, lens sharpening it doesn’t do the preset request. I get noisy files indicating it hasn’t done the deep prime. Any clues, I’m happy to accept user error. Most of the time it does as requested.

I have had this happen occasionally. I think it has to do with the large number of files you are applying the preset to. After you apply the preset, then wait for 30 seconds or so before you do anything else. If you move on too quickly and start processing one specific file, it seems you interrupt the process and the preset may not be applied to all the photos. I haven’t had this happen now if I give it some time. I have the MacBook Air M1.

Thanks for replying glad it’s not just me. I think patience is the way.