Something went wrong with reCAPTCHA. Please contact the store owner

I have an update notification in my Nik software, but cannot login to the shop to download said update.

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I’ve been having this problem for months. I can only get in using my phone. DxO is aware of it (via my open ticket), but no updates in a while, so I wonder if they’re having to work with a third party to get it fixed. :disappointed: You can download the software by visiting the product info page and starting the “free trial” (you’ll be receiving promotional e-mails for a month as well as a download link) or by using an older link previously sent by DxO to bypass all that.

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Ahh, thanks Greg,

Alas the free trial for version 4, I’m on the prior. I’ll have to try to find my link from DxO, but given how many promotional emails they send, that may prove challenging as the purchase was some time back…in fact the update may indeed just be referencing the new version, no?

Try to authorize third party cookies

I have. I get the login prompt for the store but signing in does nothing. Login page reloads, sometimes with the error mentioned above (which is a server-side problem).

Does the problem still exist, because I can login without any problem Win10, Edge

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I use Win 10 & Edge also. Problem still exists.

Safari here, and certainly the problem still exists, has done for months but I only just raised it.

I’ll try another browser.

Today on Mac/Safari I got first

after click at the red button it works was the successful URL

No further idea

best regards

Thanks @Guenterm.

Tellingly when I tried your link I received this message “Die Konto-Anmeldung war nicht korrekt oder Ihr Konto ist vorübergehend deaktiviert. Bitte warten Sie und versuchen Sie es später erneut.” which, despite not having German, I recognise is a different notice to the one I was receiving about ReCaptcha.

Dear @sixnon,

the translation with DeepL, the most recommended program here in the forum, is “The account login was not correct or your account is temporarily disabled. Please wait and try again later.”

have a pleasent start into this week

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Belated thank you @Guenterm