Something exciting is coming …

What could that be?

  • Interchangeable sky, like in Luminar?
  • Automatic subject recognition and masking like in Photoshop or Topaz?
  • Automatic image optimizer like in IrfanView?
    Or what else?
    Maybe a completely new software?
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A year ago today was PureRAW V2…


Okay, I don’t need that. And no interchangeable sky.
But an automatic subject recognition and masking would be fine.


A new version of Pureraw in v3.0
An update of PL v6.4 and v5.9

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You provided a dead link.


It wasn’t dead at the time and did link to a ‘something exciting is coming’ (or words to that effect) in multiple languages.
Clearly it wasn’t meant to be found just yet.

No idea if it reality anything is indeed ‘coming’ but if it is the suggestion @Franky makes regarding a v3 of PureRaw sounds plausible. Add DeepPrimeXD maybe.

I would have thought we are unlikely to see any of the OPs suggestions until a new numbered version of Photolab rather than a point version.

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PureRAW 3 and PhotoLab 6.4 were just released.


Presumably at the point of the OP they weren’t then.

I hadn’t seen that when I responded to you.

I shall have a look. Anything stand out update wise?

Maybe this?

DxO PhotoLab 6.4.0

Whats New

New features

• DeepPrime XD is now available for Fujifilm X-Trans cameras.
• DxO PhotoLab is now fully compatible with the Nikon High-Efficiency RAW format, initially introduced with the Z9 camera.

New supported cameras
• Panasonic Lumix DC-TX2D (DC-TZ200D, DC-TZ202D, DC-TZ220D, DC-ZS200D, DC-ZS220D)
• Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS80D (DC-TZ95D, DC-TZ96D)
• Panasonic Lumix G99D (DC-G90D, DC-G91D, DC-G95D)
• Panasonic Lumix S5II

Bug fixes
• Fixing the crash when using mouse and trackpad at the same time while editing with Local Adjustment tool
• Fixing the PhotoLab deadlock after editing and saving an image in an external app
• Minor bug fixes and improvements


New DxO PureRAW 3 Release: Launch Review

Might be time to consider an upgrade then now.

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Yeah. Just saw DxO PureRAW 3 is also released.

PhotoLab 6.4 with DeepPrime XD for Fuji X-Trans (in my case x100V) works perfectly.
Just did the denoising for a 12800 ISO file (low light condition) with good success.
Using a Geforce RTX3070 GPU in my old-fashioned 4960x-CPU system (6 Cores at 4.4GHz) the processing time of the 26MPix-image was below 10sec!! .
I am very impressed - chapeau to DxO - good job.



Would you be so kind to share where you found that info? For the life of me, I can’t even find a link on the official website about the PL 6.4.0 update…

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What information are you talking about?

Releases Win
Releases Mac

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Sure: Go here:

Than here:

And choose link to PDF for release notes:

So is the pureraw3 technology included in the latest DxOphotolab6 elite update? I’m confused about this.

Yes. PL is released in the autumn and as DxO’s flagship software gets the latest and greatest features at that time. PureRAW doesn’t inherit any relevant features from that major PL release and any subsequent PL point releases, until it’s next release, which happens in the following spring.

Yes. PhotoLab 6.4 has same support for cameras and lenses as Pure Raw 3. They were released on the same day.

I dont need interchangeable sky either, but a sky-detect would be handy to apply adjustments to sky only.