Some queries and thoughts on the new History

I have some queries on the new history. I know there is much more functioning on the macs than Windows but before we get it I would be interested if anyone knows

  • If an image is deleted or moved is the data base updated or
  • Is the old data just left there?
  • If the data base isn’t updated is there either a way of cleaning the data base or any idea if such a utility is planned?

I am asking this as

  • I use a laptop when I am away, I can’t use Prime Plus but just basic editing and backup. I copy the image’s over to the desk PC on return. I only keep the current year on the laptop deleting the old one as the New Year starts. Photo Supreme DAM side bars copy the catalogue information over OK, I know the PL 4 history is lost which is a pity.
  • Thus will the data base on the laptop, if the Windows History is the same as the Mac, keep old data i.e. it will need deleting each year (clearly not viable on the desktop PC esp if you use the PL DAM)?

I know many have asked for the PL DAM data to be added to the sidebars, clearly History looks like it also needs to be there as well as at present its lost if you move images. But until this happens (if ever) what happened to the data in the data base over time?

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