Some issues


I am currently in trial mode and was wondering wether to get the elite version or not.

I appreciate the processing of files although i regret not being able to reorganize much windows. Unfortunately when most tools are opened it can make your eye dizzy to look through the opened panels. Tools are too similar in aspect not visually separated enough and drop down categories are not pronounced enough to my own opinion. Overall aesthetics aren’t too important as long as DXO get the work done.

On a more important note, I regret that the browser seem unable to import new files to existing folders. I have a selection of photos made, I decided to add to this selection some few more files and for the love of me I cannot figure out how to import files to the folder without having to create a whole new folder. No matter what : either fix it, either make it more intuitive.

Finally is there a plan to add :
support for fuji files (here xt2).
add tethering support

Thank you in advance.

PS: one last thing that sucks, in the browser, I was presented a right click option to make the interface more “fullscreen” yet there is no way to right click and get the option to leave this mode. Can’t minimize, can’t escape, F11 makes it more fullscreen… Same issue of failing to being intuitive.

As a professional, if I have to look at the manual the tool is not intuitive.

Hoping that this valuable “customer feedback” will be received professionally.

PS: while i am here ill check on the forum, but again… i shouldnt have to.

Welcome Adrien

1- For my part I like this simple and effective interface.
2- Park tne cursor on the folder name in the “PhotoLibrary tab” and press “F5” key (this is the Windows operation, and, I think Mac OS too).
3- “Esc” key. You can see this command in the little help window.


You can add/remove/hide panels/tools and you can reorganise everything. I created my own layout, removing a lot of tools that are duplicated in the default panels.

PhotoLab doesn’t “import” files or folders, it simply reflects the layout of the folders on your hard disk. All you have to do is add files to a folder in Finder and PhotoLab will update to show those files automatically.

Just use any tethering app (including the camera manufacturer’s own) and point the capture folder to where you want; as soon as the files arrive on disk, PhotoLab will update.

I’m not sure what your profession is that makes that statement relevant. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any post processing software or, for that matter, any other type of feature rich software, that is so intuitive you don’t need to spend time training yourself to use it effectively. Its likely that most of the questions and problems you are having would disappear if you did.

With regard to the panel issue you describe, the Elite version is the way to go since you can customize all the panels and even put them on both sides of the screen as I have done. However, part of the reason it may be dizzying to you is that you have not put in the time and effort yet to learn how to use this tool. There is no substitute for that. As far as I’m concerned PhotoLab Elite is among the easiest and most intuitive pieces of software I have ever used, That is especially true compared to most, if not all of its competition, and I’ve tried almost all of them.

Not sure what right click option to go to full screen you are talking about. I don’t have that in the Windows version. You can use f11 or click on the full screen viewer on the top to go to full screen, and use the Esc key to leave full screen.

There is no import feature. Put a new image in an existing folder and it will be accessible.