Some FilmPack renderings are incorrect in PL6 with DxO Wide Gamut wcs


In PhotoLab 6, select the DxO Wide Gamut working color space. For Color Rendering, select Category: Color positive films / Rendering: Kodak EIR (DxO FilmPack) / Intensity 100. The image is rendered wrongly, in practically every color:

Now select the Classic/Legacy working color space. The image is rendered with reds turning yellow and other colors turning red:

Other film renderings seem to have some trouble, too. Lomography Redscale reddens only part of the image in PL6 with the WG WCS and the whole image with the Classic WCS. Fuji Sepia leaves greens intact with the WG WCS but turns the whole image sepia with the Classic WCS. The Pastel rendering is quite different with greens, too: with the WG WCS, greens are too saturated even with soft proofing showing them within the sRGB gamut.

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Yes, I can confirm these observations.

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I can also confirm these observations on the Windows version. This is going to be a real problem for me until it is addressed. Since I use FilmPack often, I will have to avoid use the Wide Gamut as the default for processing new images.


same thing for me (win 11)

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we are aware of this and currently investigating.


Thanks very much, Barbara! :smile: