Solved: Windows 10 NIK Collection crashing on start(not launching)

This is probably only one solution when using multiple screens.

I use the latest versions of NIK Collection and PL under Windows 10. I have 2 screens. One 32" 2560x1440 and another 24" 1920x1080.

Generally I use only the 32". Sometimes I turn the 24" screen around so I can show my wife what I’m working on. In this case it is duplicated instead of extending the workspace - meaning the 1080 screen displays a downscaled 1440 image.

When any of the NIK tools are launched under this configuration AND the 24" does not have any colour profile assigned to it, I briefly see a white window appear and close again and I’m back to where I started. It does not matter If I start it as a plugin or standalone.

This does not happen if I only use the 24"(with or witout colour profile) to extend the workspace, where it runs at its native resolution of 1080. Also OK if I use only one screen of course.

So when duplicating workspace under Windows, both monitors must have a profile assigned, otherwise NIK does not launch.

I had never bothered with profiles for the secondary screen (just by eye with the monitor test on lagom) as it’s an old TN mainly for menu stuff for other software. So under Windows it did not have any profiles assigned. I just chose the standard sRGB and left the 32" with a calibrated profile, that is always on - and with that the problem was solved.