Solomodus Workflow

In Lightroom there is a modus called solomodus.
For example: Click on Details expands the Details Toolset. Click on HSL expands HSL toolset and reduces Details.
So you haven’t to scroll up and down within your Toolset.
Solomodus for DXO please
It’s only a little step for software developer but big step for my workflow:joy:

Hi Guenterm,

I see exactly what you mean, yes. Solo mode can be very useful! It’s a nice feature to have.
Thanks :wink:


I like the idea, but think it would be nice to also be able to pin individual palettes open. Don’t forget to vote at the top of this thread!


#Egregius What do you mean with “be able to pin individual palettes open”…sorry for my english.
I use an individual palette called “Workflow”, but also there i have to open/close every single tool.
In Lightroom you can choose with rightclick on one palette if you want to use the Solomode or not for all palettes
Solo%20on Solo%20off

Would have thought a very simple software update and well worth while especially on a limited screened laptop. Gets my vote.

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