SOftware for organizing photos to download from camera.

Importing to DXO photolab 6 elite. Is there an import function from camera to photolab directly. If not which software gives you the easiest way to download save, organize and browse that is not cloud based and does not cost a fortune and not be subscription based. If there is any. Otherwise what in your opinion is a decent organizer etc

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the first step could be to read the Usermanual or the manual written by Pascal at

I think that will explain the most of your questions.

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The simple answer is that you don’t need to import into PhotoLab for organisation.

Before opening PhotoLab, simply copy or move the files from your camera’s card to your hard disk, using Explorer for Windows or Finder for Mac. Then organise them into folder hierarchies to suit your purposes.

Open PhotoLab and navigate to the folder of your choice.

that’s the information we can found here Image Browser - TuTo DxO or in the manual.



I use FastRawViewer to import images onto the computer and for culling. Fairly cheap, well supported and no subscription.


Having Nikon I use Nikon Transfer to import photos to the computer then AcdSee for culling, view, tag and organize photos
On windows there are several free programs that can used to browse and organize photos, for example FastStone Viewer and XnView MP

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…the most important part is you. You decide whether your photos are scattered all over your computer or nicely stowed in a hierarchical folder structure that you’ve organised by whatever are your most important criteria, if you use keywords etc.

How did you manage your photo files up to now?


there’s many ways, from free to paid.
if you’ve been doing photography for a long time, you know by now how easy it is to catalog your work so, what @Joanna said is what i do, the key point is to use #keywords to describe your pictures so you can track them down.

  • another free way to do so, is using the free Adobe Bridge, works great for many, downside is you end up with a load of Adobe tracker as you need a login even though it’s free.

  • Fastrawviewer is like Photomechanic, one more expensive than the other but they both do a great job, even though you still need to catalog yourself, the advantage is how fast you can go through a folder to cull what you want to keep and the fast ability to add #keywords.

My needs are simple so I still use Google Picasa. Yes, Google stopped supporting it way back in the days of Windows 7 but it works just fine on Windows 10 and on Windows 11. It works for me. Whether it, or any of the other suggestions made so far, does what you want though only you can tell.

for my part I use Lightroom: after 7 days the evaluation version expires but the bookstore, printing, web and slideshow module remain active permanently and for free: this makes an excellent free image manager. (thanks adobe): I’ve been working like this for 4 years