Soft Proofing

Am away from my Mac at the mo but quick question - I know that the effects of Deep Prime XD are not visible in the raw image (but is in the export). Is it visible when viewing the raw via soft proofing?

there is a small preview window in NR tool

True but that is not the same and it would be odd (to me) if the effect was not visible in soft proofing.

look, be happy that you have preview at all … PoorRaw users do without

I get a preview via soft proofing of everything in the edit in Capture One. Cannot see the point of soft proofing if everything is not included - especially as Deep Prime can overcook at times. Can always export to dng and do it that way but it is a workaround.

is intended for ~colors - not for demosaick/NR artefacts …

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Is that just your take or DxO’s view? Personally, I have always viewed soft proofing as more than just colour - it is how your image looks generally on paper.

which software softproof accounting for paper / canvas texture so that you can see the effect ?

ICC profiles let you simulate how an image looks in a “paper and ink” environment.

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color… I am asking about texture ( not about colors )… you were talking about softproofing for demosaick and NR artefacts

If you remember I asked if Deep Prime edits were viewable in Soft Proofing. I am having difficulty understanding your rather terse one line responses/questions but anything other than yes or no is basically redundant. So there is no further need for us to converse - if that indeed is what it was. But for clarity, my view is, irrespective of what the aim of soft proofing is, its use is greatly reduced if it does not show the image in its edited entirety.

Platypus, thank you and as I rather expected. I shall continue working via a dng where necessary.

Softproofing have always been a color simulation solution - within the print industry initially.

The DeepPrime variants are complex noise reductions applied pre/during the demosaic process and DxO choose not to apply it in real time previews as it would take as long as the export of the photo itself.
That’s why they only partially render it and show it in a small window.

This is DxOs own statement.

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Thanks for confirming. Rather as I thought but irrespective of the aims of proofing I personally find it loses out by not displaying a faithful representation of the image. I guess it’s the same with a virtual copy it is, in certain circumstances, a copy of an incomplete image (so far as including all edits). It is what it is though. :slight_smile: