Soft Proofing - toggle between soft proof and processed image


when I use the before/after toggle while using the soft proofing tool it shows me the original photo + optical corrections. This is no good because I want to compare the proof with my finished image.

I get around this by exporting the processed image as a 16 bit tiff so the original of that image is the process image, but am I missing something? It would be useful to be able to have a before state that represents the processed and cropped image, from the RAW.

I can answer my own question - the “Split Screen Compare” button has a dropdown in which you can choose your master copy of the image, (assuming you’ve made a virtual copy and that it is this virtual copy that you have opened in Soft Proofing). I wonder if it would make more sense to have the dropdown next to the “Compare” button - as we mostly read left to right, it’s not totally intuitive to set the parameters in the second button.

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