So, is anyone else kicking themselves for passing on the extreme upgrade discount?

I had a copy of the Nik 4 Upgrade in my cart for a few days, waiting until PhotoJoseph’s webinar on the new features today. I had applied a discount code from a DxO email for 30% off, bringing the upgrade price down to (a surprising) $41.99. When I tried to check out today, I had to log back in, and the discount code that previously gave an $18 discount now gives a $3 discount (and I can no longer find any reference to the discount code in any email).

Did somebody at DxO discover that extra-special discount they were giving and realize their mistake? I thought the price looked too good to be true. Now I’m seeing so many issue reports here, and I’m thinking I can probably hold off a bit (maybe until the inevitable holiday sale).

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I got the same 30% discount via email from DxO and that takes my upgrade down to £54.99 which is actually 20.7% Rather weaselly use of the words “Up to…”


Not actually paid yet as I have no cash till the payday at the end of the month. Not had any of the reported bugs so far.

It says $99.99 instead of 149$ but that’s CDN. You can always wait for the bugs to be fixed and get a better discount at the black friday deal in 4-5 months?

I had an additional code (NIKCOLLECTION4), and it allowed me to apply that on top of the “discounted” US$59.99 upgrade. I was just reminded by a popup on the checkout page that I didn’t get the code in an email, but from the site. That code used to give 30% off of the discounted upgrade price, bringing it down to US$41.99, but it now just knocks $3 off, bringing it to US$56.99.

I don’t know where they get the “up to 30% off” number - the introductory US discount isn’t even 25% before using the code, and is about 28% after the code is applied now. Maybe it depends on the currency?

In any case, the original discount was undoubtedly a mistake, since it brought the price down by 47% from the “normal” upgrade price of US$79. I will probably hold off for Black Friday and give them some time to sort out the bugs.

Just used the code you posted above. Whacks another whopping £2.75 off taking it to £52.54

After applying the original code, at the checkout I got an ‘Optimonk’ code entered(!?!) and ended up paying £38.49 for the upgrade!

You aren’t missing anything. The upgrade is buggy as can be. Save your money.

Same here. I found the discount coupon on email but when I went ahead to purchase it, it was only $3 off. So I decided to recheck at a later time and when I did a day later, that coupon too was removed and I was left with no choice but to purchase at the upgrade price.
Sad but I hope they will throw some freebies our way atleast for this goof up and for remaining loayl to their product. :confused:

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Given the number of bugs in Nik 4, I’m kicking myself for buying it. I’d suggest waiting until they’ve been fixed and take advantage of a sale at the end of the year (they always have sales).

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