Smartphone DNG to PureRaw / Photolab?

Hallo all,
I’m new to the forum and to DxO.

I know the question has been frequently asked but I haven’t found a clear answer with the search function so far.
As far as I read there is no way to import smartphone RAWs directly into DxO software, right? Is there a possibility to convert raw files from smartphones (like Pixels DNG) to edit them in PureRaw and/or PhotoLab?
Would Adobes DNG Converter a possibility or maybe a workaround with Darktable?

Greetings and have a nice weekend

Hi Marcus and welcome, which do you have: iPhone or Android? DxO stopped supporting iPhone with the X-model and I’m not sure if Android has ever been supported. I have found with my iPhone 12 Pro Max that I can use an EXIF editor to simply change the 12 to an X in order to fool PL into accepting the file. It works great and you have full access to all of PL’s tools. Not sure if this hack is available for Android.

Hi Mark, thanks for the reply but I am using an android phone_ Pixel 6.
It’s a little crazy, there has to be a way to load these files into PureRaw or Photolab.

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No, it really can’t be done, despite being requested a lot:

Search results for ‘google raw support’ - DxO Forums

Thanks for your reply.
As I wrote it’s a little weird and it would be interesting to know why DxO decided not to support this format. I don’t think its a technical thing but who knows.