Smartphone DNG support

Actually there was a post about supporting Android DNG - that was a year ago. I tried to open some of my Pixel 3 DNGs but it’s still not supported by PhotoLab 3.

Will generic DNG support ever be added? LR, ON1, Affinity Photo they all support it but PhotoLab does not! I would at least expect manual correction.

@DxOStaff.PhotoLab any reliable info about this topic?


I have the same issue with my Moto G7 which captures using Mtorola’s own interpretation. (on a personal note, I wish the bloody mobile camera makers would adopt a universal interpretation the same way we have with Tiff and Jpeg!)

At the moment the only solution is to use the (free) Adobe DNG converter and export it as a 16bit TIff.

Some kind of generic support would be fantastic, not just for new phones but for older cameras. I have thousands of DNGs from an Olympus E-500 that I’d love to process in PL. I don’t expect to get those files to get the full PL treatment, but basic conversion and application of the baked-in lens correction would make me unreasonably happy.


Would also like (and also submitted the request) for support of the iPhone 11 Pro. It is the same situation where the DNG files are supported by the previously mentioned apps as well a couple open source apps (RawTherapee was one). Seeing as in the Apple world they have not even released an XS support (latest was for the X and iPhone 8), I wonder if they even care about supporting the smartphone market anymore even though many people are taking advantage of the RAW option.