Smart lightning face detection accuracy

I am using Photolab 1.2.0 b3627 and since Photolab 1.1, it seems to be that the face detection accuracy for smart lightning has decreased compared to DXO OpticsPro. For most photos, I end up having to manually select the zones with the faces, even when it seems that the face shot was perfect (light+perspective). Has something changed in this area?

Hello Erik,

Could you, please, provide us with some samples where the application can’t detect the faces?
Please, upload them on and let me know when ready.

Thank you

Hello Erik,

I confirm there’s no recent change in this area, and that it’s worth providing us any input picture where face detection is working in OpticsPro11 and not working with PhotoLab.

Thanks a lot,


Done - uploaded two files today. I haven’t tested these ones with Optics Pro, it just seemed to me that the face should be an easy catch but I know the algorithms around the detection can be a whole other story.

Thank you Erik.

Svetlana G.

Thanks Erik. Sent pictures have no face detected in both OpticsPro 11 and PhotoLab, so that’s not a regression. But it’s perfectly true there is a lot of room to improve our face detection, especially in case of profile faces. I’ve got this point in mind for an ulterior update of Photolab.