Smart fill for manual brush masking


The current local adjustment masks are a great start - with some other recent suggestions for improving them. In the same vein this thread describes a feature that should immensely speed-up isolating subjects that require intricate~detailed masking with the manual brush.


When using small brush sizes to tightly define the mask’s edges filling in the rest of the mask requires switching to different brush sizes to fill it in. Also, even with a detailed selection, You often might want to use some level of softness to the brush strokes.

To fill in these intricate masks can be time consuming - wouldn’t it be nice to completely outline the subject to be masked and then click in the interior of the mask (w/ modifier key) to fill the rest in.

The “smart” part comes with the interior side of the brush stroke being filled in - regardless of the softness (diffuse) setting - while the exterior side of the brush stroke remains untouched… i.e. the fill action is smart enough to know when it hits 100% pixel density on the brush stroke and fills the mask in just to that point.

Please see Fig. 1 just below for an illustration of this concept.

Fig. 1 - Smart fill mask - “magnified” brush stroke