Small light dots in preview


with PL V1.2 I observed small light dots (white, or single R/G/B color) at “random” positions in the preview. When zooming in (I use the mouse wheel), they change size, but still are visible. At a zoom of 80%, they disappear when the preview is refreshed. The reappear as soon as the zoom is reduced again.

Behaviour of the new V1.2.1 is exactly the same.
The exported image seems to be unaffected.

Of course these light dots are clearly visible only with rather dark images. I noticed them when working at a few images taken at night. Eventually, this effect is older than PL V1.2…

If you want, I can provide sample data and screenshots again.

Regards, Tilmann

I think what you are seeing may be an artifact of too much contrast. I’ve occasionally noticed something that sounds similar sprinkled over large areas of overly contrasty foliage. An example would be nice, as well as the various contrast and sharpening settings.

I get this at times and it seems to have to do with dead pixel corrections and that its results do not display at zoom levels below 75 %, which depends on your settings.

Hi Tilmann,

For the display of zoom >= 75%, we process with the image on the full resolution and all corrections are activated (anti dead pixel, moire, aberration chromatic, …) to get the best image quality. However, it is not fast at this resolution.
At the zoom < 75%, we process with image of lower resolution and some corrections are disable (like anti dead pixel…) to get higher speed.

Then the strategy is:

  • on the full resolution, accept lower speed, but the highest quality image. It is important since it is also the exported image that user will get.
  • on the lower resolution, accept to scarify some image qualities but to have higher speed.

I think that explains your observation.

Best regards,



Hello Bao,

thanks for your detailed explanation.
So in fact this is no bug, but a dead pixel explorer. :slight_smile:

Best regards,