Small bug - RGB White balance

When you use the Pick Color tool the temperature slider is not updated to reflect the adjustment that has been made.

I never noticed that behavior so I just tested it to be certain. I use Photolab Elite 2.2.2 on my Windows 10 machine. The While Balance color picker worked as expected moving the temperature and tint sliders appropriately for raw images, but failed to move the slider, as you pointed out, for RGB images. Doing so also affects the histogram in an odd way. I shoot raw 100% of the time so I never noticed it before.


My understanding is that WB cannot be adjusted for RGB images - - it’s already “baked-in” to the file by the in-camera processor (based on your camera’s WB setting at the time of exposure).

John M

PS lets you change LB for jpgs and RAWs when in RBG mode
You’ve been listening to too many “experts”

I looked a bit more at this and it is more of a bug/feature than I thought.

The Pick Color tool applies a temperature and tint correction. It isn’t possible to set on the temperature slider the adjustment the Pick Color tool produces. I guess that panel ought to have a tint slider as well.

I also only shoot raw. I often use PL to look at and adjust other people’s jpegs.


Hello guys,

This issue is as old as the earth :wink: . Now serious: it will be fixed in the scope of WB palette reworking but not in the near future.

Svetlana G.

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Good to know it is somewhere on the list Svetlana!

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