Slow display of filtered images


I know that Photolab is quite slow to display many images in an folder. But I don’t understand however, why it takes so long to display filtered images. I have for example a folder with 500 images, and only want to display the images with 5 stars. There are 2 images. It should be very quick to display only those two images. However, it seems that it is first loading all the 500 images in the back, then checking the ratings, and then displaying the 2 images. This takes around 8 seconds!

I am pretty sure that there can be a way to program this better that the images are loaded almost instantly. Could this be addressed somehow?

I run the latest version of PhotoLab for Windows on a 5 year old mid range PC. My largest folder has over 400 images. I marked two with 5 stars, exited PhotoLab, and restarted it. . I opened that same folder, set the filter to 5 stars, and got the two results in less than 1 second. It was virtually instantaneous. Have you indexed your image folders?



once you’ve gone to a folder, it is automatically indexed without the need to ask for that.
So yes the folder used is indexed.


Could you, please create a ticket via It’s strange that you’ve got such a delay.

Svetlana G.