Sliders I'd love to have : tint and structure

  1. TINT on brillance/warmth filter
    => we will have a total control of white balance in CEP !

  2. STRUCTURE on Contrast only filters
    the same slider thats already exist in VIVEZA.

I don’t really use a lot viveza. CEP is much better for local adjustement as we can add controls points speciffically et independantly for a parameter.
So, Contrast only and Brillance/warmth are my “viveza remplacement” and these 2 sliders really are missing for me. I do a lot of real estate photography and these 2 sliders will be really helpful

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Hi Guillaume,

I’m not sure what you’re using for your RAW processing (?) - but, if you were to use PhotoLab then you would have access to WB and structure (via Clear View & Contrast tools) corrections, along with ability to make Local Adjustments using Control Points, before you pass an image across to CEP.

Regards, John M

+1 for a “tint” slider alongside “color temperature”. sometimes you need local white balance adjustments. warmth is not enough in these cases because cyan/magenta shifts as well

That’s available for RAW WB - - but not for RGB WB

John M