Slider to adjust the automatic value set by Exposure Compensation, Center Weighted Average


I need an additional slider for offsetting the automatic value chosen by Exposure Compensation, Center Weighted Average.

The Exposure Compensation, Center Weighted Average gets you into the ballpark, but many times I need to +/- the automatic setting. When doing several hundred at a time, it is too time consuming.

I would like to have this feature added.

The slider is already there (labelled “Exposure”) - - If you click on it, such that the control has “focus”, then you can use the left/right arrows on your keyboard to adjust the value.

(Otherwise, I’m not clear on the purpose of your request - In which case, would you please elaborate).

John M

You can make a preset:
Set Exposure Compensation on Centre Weighted Average and activate tool.(i have it set as Centre weighted Average “tool off” and Smartlighting alway 's on at 25.)
This way it always react automatic on your image when loaded.
If you also use Smartlighting along with it in intensity 25 it helps you to do the auto “+/-” because Smartlight react’s on the highlight and shadow around the middle ground exposure.

Be aware that both can be working against each other, wile smartlighting is modifying the contrast lumination (highlight/shadow) and exposure is a global lift or lowering tool.
But you can also use behaviour by smartlighting to set boundery’s when using boxes to pin down this spot’s as important (lowest shadow and brightest part) and then lower or lift EC . you see smartlighting working to keep those area’s the same by changing the tone curve.


Here is the scenario:

I select 500 photos. I set Exposure Compensation, Center Weighted Average on.

I process photos and decide that I want all of them to be -1/2 stop. I can’t grab the exposure slider and do all 500 at once because the exposure selected by Center Weighted Average is different for each image and attempting to do so will set all 500 images to the setting I set for the one image that I move the slider on. I don’t want to go to each image individually and adjust the slider because it would take hours.

I want a way to bias the entire selection brighter or darker after Center Weighted Average has set the initial specific exposure for each individual image.

I did speculate (to myself!) that you might be thinking along those lines - but, I don’t see how that would work for you across 500 different images (unless they were shot in exactly the same light with the same exposure settings) - 'cos I certainly don’t find more than 2 or 3 of any of my shots to which I could apply the same exposure correction off-sets.

Am I not understanding something ?

John M

DPL can do a relative correction by moving the slider on a multiple selection.

That’s work on some features like Contrast.
I don’t remember doing it especially on Compensation exposure. You can try it.



Center Weighted Average will set the “correct Exposure” for each individual image according to the varying light conditions. After it computes the exposure setting for each image, in theory they should be at the same brightness regardless of how underexposed and varying the raw image is recorded.

I live in a state where there are many different ethnicities and skin tone varies from very light to very dark. Many times the group shots (25-100 people) are comprised of many different ethnicities. After Center Weighted Average corrects the exposure, I find the light complexion faces overexposed. I need a way to darken the images all by the same amount.

Also, I notice that the Center Weighted Average does not darken over exposed images very well and sometimes, it actually brightens the oxer exposed images. I would like to apply a bias to a selected group of images with a single action.

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SmartLighting is effective for this particular conditions.
Do you use it ?

Smartlighting has face recognision.
i would choose that first and it wil try to lumininate those faces as prio.
Or choose cwa as always on and place boxes around the lightest and darkest face on every image wile keeping presentage the same.
This way smartlighting deals with your nuances…

Thank you for the elaboration - - I now understand your aims.

Yes, that’s how I understand it too. However, Exposure correction has a global impact - and it’s old technology compared with Smart Lighting - which, as @oxidant/Peter points out, has facial recognition capability - and does a much more nuanced job of adjusting exposure across different parts of the image.

John M

I’d love to see that working. I tried on Exposure, Contrast and Micro-Contrast. PhotoLab 1.2.3 always sets the same absolute value for the slider on all selected pictures, ignoring the previous differences.